Low Stress Pig Handling
Nancy & Don

Nancy & Don

Video Learning at DNL Farms Ltd.

Who Are We?

We are a small training company whose two owners were raised on farms, earned Ag College Degrees, worked in ag business for a time, raised pigs for 20 years, then decided to share their experiences to benefit others in the swine industry

What Have We Done?

We initially produced 45 separate videos that taught best practice production techniques for pig production units. This project was sponsored by industry cooperators which allowed the videos to be sold to production units at minimal cost.

At the request of some larger production systems we produced over 100 additional separate videos tailored to their system-specific needs. Those videos covered all aspects of production and some aspects barn maintenance.

During this time, Nancy has taught Low Stress Pig Handling to hundreds of pig handlers in Canada, the US and Europe. She has established the website www.pighandling.com, developed the online “Low Stress Pig Handling Course for Truckers” on www.dnlfarmstraining.com and written the blog www.lowstresspighandling.com.

What Do We Want To Accomplish?

Provide training and training material that will make life easier for stock people, and the pigs they care for and more profitable for the business of raising pigs. Low Stress Pig Handling and skilled stock people benefit everyone.