Changing our Services

We have temporarily suspended this Pay Per View Site and are focusing our efforts on Low Stress Pig Handling:

1. Nancy is doing training and coaching directly with pig handlers, their supervisors and interested observers.

2. We have a blog at

3. We have a training site at

4. We are maintaining the Pig Handling site at

You can still connect with us at 306 276-5761 or .



WHO IS DNL FARMS LTD? We are a small training company whose principle owners were raised on a farm, left to University, worked in Ag Business for a time, raised pigs for 20 years, then decided to share what the world had taught them with others.

WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH? Provide training and training material to others in hopes of making life easier for them and the pigs they care for and business more profitable for those who pay the bills. Low Stress Pig Handling and a skilled staff members benefit everyone!