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Quote: "We do the best we can with what we know, and when we know better we do better."   Maya Angelou

For several decades the pig industry has routinely taught pig handling methods that do not apply in many farm and transport situations: methods that actually contribute to pig handling problems and worker safety issues.

Low Stress Pig Handling - LSPH - has evolved over twenty years of observing pig handlers at work in a variety of situations and learning from their successes and mistakes. LSPH teaches handlers how to recognize and use the full range of pigs' response patterns to make moving pigs easier, safer, and less stressful for both handlers and pigs.



We started developing Low Stress Pig Handling in 1996 and have been teaching it since 2000 through conferences, presentations, workshops, on site video collection and coaching, on-line training, and training videos.


Our Low Stress Pig Handling training has helped handlers:

  • reduce the time required to do routine pig moving tasks
  • reduce or eliminate the use of energized electric prods
  • reduce workplace injuries
  • improve workplace morale and reduced staff turnover
  • reduce trim and death losses
  • pass third party packing plant welfare audits

At the request of our transport clients, DNL Farms developed a Low Stress Pig Handling Course for Truckers and made it available online. Trucking company trainers can register as facilitators to direct and monitor the progress of their trainees.

A good high speed connection is required for this course as video is used throughout. We demonstrate: factors that affect pig movement in the trailer, animal welfare audit requirements that apply to truckers, and Low Stress Pig Handling methods being used to load and unload all sections of a pot belly trailer.  Access this course at www.dnlfarmstraining.com



Dave Uttecht, Owner of Heartland Pork LLC, Alpina SD
"Since we have adopted Nancy's philosophies we have seen the following;

- Reduced stress on pigs while moving (less squealing)

- Reduced stress on people while moving pigs (less sweating and shouting)

- Fewer DOA at destination

- Shorter loading times at the barn

- Better design of loading and unloading gates

- Fewer belly ruptures in feeder pigs due to piling

- Less need for tools such as prods, boards, paddles, etc."


Our blog at www.lowstresspighandling.com contains over 150 articles which can be accessed through that site's archives free of charge.